Friday, December 15, 2006

Three Different Kids

I took the day off today...a middle of December mental health day I guess. So when I have rare day off and the kids have school, I like to give them a ride and walk them in to school to get just a glimpse of what they do everyday. I found it so interesting the different ways my kids reacted to this. Once we got in the doors, Carter yelled, "Bye Mom!" over his shoulders and he was off! Cooper and I walked down to his locker, talking the whole way. He got his things out of his bag and showed me his locker and had me help him carry his things into his classroom. He showed me his desk, let me look around, talk to his teacher and asked if I could come back at lunch time. Then when I was leaving he gave me a big hug and yelled (in front of his friends) "I love you mom!" When it was time to walk Kennedy to her class she said, "Mother, you are not coming with me, how embarrassing!"

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