Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Vote

American Idol is the only show that Tim and I watch together. His pick, Chris Sligh was kicked off this week. (I don't know why we make picks since we have never ever voted.) Anyway, my favorite to win the competition is hottie Chris Richardson. If I WERE to text my vote, it would be for him! mmm...mmm


Anonymous said...

he was really "hot" in that little wyatt erp outfit they had him in during their ford video last week... all scruffy and tough looking on that wild stallion.. lol
BUT - - dont think he's the best singer... you'd have to vote for melinda or lakisha if it was just a contest for best vocalist... BUT you did prove that it is more than a singing contest with your "hottie" comment !

Ria said...

Completely agree....not the best singer, but I would buy his album over those girls' anyday. And the Ford commercial....hothothot. Watch it at