Sunday, April 01, 2007

This Day in the Life

I recently read about an author, Joni Cole who collected diary entries from women across America and compiled them into a book. There is now a National Day Diary Project where you can submit your entries to be included in her next book. I think the posting date had to be March 27th... oops...late again. Anyway, here is my version for today, April 1, 2007.

  • Time I went to bed last night (this morning): 3:42 am
  • Time I slept in until: 10:48 am
  • What I ate for breakfast: Ritz crackers and water
  • Flyers I read from the Sunday paper: Target and Herberger's
  • Scent of body wash I used today: Dial soy and almond it!
  • Project I worked on: April newsletter and calendar for daycare parents
  • CD playing in my car today: Sugarland
  • Amount I spent at the grocery store: $243.45
  • Scent of candle I'm burning right now: cranberry
  • On my nerves today: crappy weather...depressing, and the fact that I was hungry all weekend. You name it, I ate it.
  • Looking forward to: 5 days off in a row next weekend, photo shoot with new baby born to one of my daycare families last week.
  • Plans for tonight: Go to my boys' hockey game, watch the movie Babel


TBRKO said...

Ria: What the heck were you doing up so late??? Were the kids at Grandma and Grandpa's?
Your life is always much more interesting than mine....
Take care!

Anonymous said...

And the children ? Breakfast ? ? Sunday School ? ?

Ria said... know that weekend mornings are not my specialty. I think they watched Benchwarmers for the second morning in a row. Not sure if they ate or not...and Sunday School...not today. They went to church on Wednesday night though!
And Bonnie...I took a three hour nap yesterday afternoon so I wasn't tired and I ended up watching shows on that I forgot to Tivo for the last few weeks. Two episodes of Six Degrees and three Episodes of October Road. My favorite thing in the whole world is to stay up late and sleep in.

TBRKO said...

Good for you! I love it when mothers get to sleep in. Thad is the one in our house who sleeps in...but I go to bed early and try and nap every weekend so I guess it works out!
Hey, we missed church too :)

Anonymous said...

:-)....good for you... at least someone is getting some sleep . .