Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nine Years

Huh? What? Not possible. Our sweet little boys are no longer little. Maybe still a little bit sweet, but they wouldn't ever want anyone to know. We will be celebrating tonight with 15 or so other eight, nine and ten year olds at the bowling alley. Happy Birthday C&C!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you decorated the house for them! Hope they each had a present waiting on the floor by their bed to open up when they woke up too! From traditions, come great memories! Happy Birthday young men! See you tommorow! G'ma S

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carter and Cooper!

Love You Always

Grandpa Mark and Grandma LaVerne

gmab said...

Happy Birthday to the oldest set of twins in the family. Hope to get together soon. Ggmabean

jack & ella said...

Happy Birthday, Carter and Cooper! We hope you had a great party! We love you!