Thursday, May 01, 2008

TEENAGER if you thought the boys turning nine was bad... how about the fact that Tim and I are now officially the parents of a teenager. I'm pretty sure we're not ready for all. As I drove her to school this morning, we saw through the windows her group of friends decorating her locker, her dad will be taking her out to make a special "purchase" this afternoon(hopefully photos tomorrow!), tonight we'll be heading out for a family dinner and having friends over for cake, and she has planned to have her friends over for a party tomorrow night. I've been told to just stay out of the way...I guess my party planning skills are no longer needed. She is growing up so fast...too fast. Happy Birthday Katie-Mac!


TBRKO said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to all three kids!

jack and ella said...

Happy Birthday, Ka-Ka! Have a great time tomorrow! We love you!