Wednesday, June 17, 2009

belated birthdays

Since I was sort of "out of town" for the boys birthdays, we finally got around to planning a birthday party for them. We didn't PLAN on it raining all day and night, but all 13 boys still had fun at the Redhawks game!

Cooper with his favorite neighbors... Riley and Griffin.The entertainment for the night was comedian Myron Noodleman!

When you are 10, it is very embarrasing for your mom to make you stand still in front of all your friends for a picture.
***On a little side note... Tim and I woke up this morning to cupcake wrappers and sprinkles in our bed, and just about everywhere else thanks to the dog. After having gotten into the birthday garbage during the night, she was not feeling so good this morning.


erin said...

Other than Myron...(who would have sent my two sprinting for the car--- a little freaky, no?)... looks like a great time!

G'ma S said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! she still DOES have a little "naughty" in her!!! Can't wait til I tell Hazel she's rubbing off on Emme!