Sunday, June 21, 2009

our night with kenny

Kenny was in town last night... so of course we went to hang out with him for a couple of hours.I think this was the 6th time we've seen Kenny in concert, and we never get tired of it. I'd have to say, though that this concert was the best one yet. (It could have something to do with the killer tickets we had...) See you next time Kenny.


G'ma S said...

I DID get closer to him than you ! ! ...tee-hee... oh wait, I couldn't get an autograph though since I was in uniform! :-(

Ann said...

Did ya know that the girls are going to see Kenny while we are in Denver next month? What is the proper age to take one's girls to a concert??? Guess it must be 6 and 7! Glad it was a great time - next time let us know and we'll join you!

Jenay said...

I got to hang with him Friday night and I told him to put on an extra good show becuase you'd be there! Seriously, glad he was good in Fargo, becuase he wasn't very good in WI.