Thursday, July 02, 2009

wait a minute...

Is June really over???

Here is a little re-wind of our month...

Katelyn performed in the production of Honk Jr. that was put on through Trollwood and Moorhead Schools. It is a modern re-telling of the children's story The Ugly Duckling. She played the part of the TURKEY!

Each cast member got to decorate their very own rubber duck. Katelyn's was painted to look like a bumblebee.
Jack and Ella even came to watch one of Katelyn's performances!
Miss Kennedy and mom had a whole Saturday to ourselves so we headed out to the mall and Kennedy got a PERM!
It turned out very cute...

Time with BFF Kenzie at the Village Green Pool...
And Carter has continued to have traveling soccer tournaments each weekend. I broke out the long lens a couple of weekends ago when he played in Fargo.
Carter scored TWO goals during this tournament that were headers from a corner kick... pretty AMAZING!

And in case you noticed that one of our children has been completely left out from this post, not to worry. I plan to take pictures of COOP playing baseball tonight and will post them very soon!

Funny Cooper story.... He was asked to play with Carter's soccer team for last weekend's tournament in the cities because they were short a few players. Carter was a little worried about how his brother would do.... turns out that in the second game Cooper scored not one, but TWO GOALS! Way to go Cooper Man!

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