Monday, July 27, 2009

monday ramblings

First off, I'd like you to meet the newest member of our family....
In our hearts that is.... we fell in love with this little guy at the pet shop this weekend. We named him "Mauer" and dreamed of bringing him home with us, but our daddy said, "No. No No No. No WAY. Seriously, NO!!!" Poor us. He was the cutest little thing we ever did see.Dad said he just loved his little princess Emme too much and he didn't want her to ever think she had been replaced.
Okay... that's not really what he said. But... she is his little princess even if he won't admit it.

On another note, Tim and I went to the movie The Hangover this weekend and laughed so.dang.hard.

We both agreed it was one of the funniest movies we'd ever seen. So go see it... but leave the kids at home. Just about every seen has something that is totally and completely inappropriate.


Kris said...

Oh My God....I totally agree about the movie (LOVED IT) but that puppy is so darn cute I don't know how you didn't smuggle it home. Damn boys.

MAV06 said...

Cannot believe you got home without that darling pup! One reason I don't stop at the pet shop anymore. Too hard to leave them there. Thanks for keeping us updated on the blog. Have a great weekend!