Monday, August 03, 2009

bachelor night

It is Monday night... but for the first Monday night all summer, I do not have "Bachelor Night" tonight.

For the past couple of years, I have been getting together with this fun group of girls to watch each episode of every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. And when I say watch, I mean eat tons of junk food, gossip a LOT, make fun of all the the "contestants" on the show and rewind the previews for the next week's show relentlessly in hopes that we might get a glimpse of some very important information to predict what may happen NEXT WEEK on the MOST SHOCKING EPISODE in BACHELOR HISTORY!"
At the beginning of each season, we watch the first show together, and then make our picks ... fantasy football style. Each "player" puts $10 in the pot and those who pick the girl/guy left standing at the end get to split the money. I have never EVER picked anyone who finished in the top three.
This season my pick for The Bachelorette Jillian was JAKE.

I sure did like him after that first show. But by mid-season he really got on my nerves and even I was happy when he got the boot.
The winner was this dude... ED.Here are the gay green shorts he wore all.the.time.So here we are... (most of us anyway) before watching the The Most Romantic Season Finale in Bachelorette History. I brought the cake...and gagged a little when the guy in the gay green shorts won.

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G'ma S said...

Toooooo FUN! but you left out the most important part! HOW MANY girls picked ED ??? and what was the total amount she/they won?

Maybe you need to change your taste in men...? ahhh too late, I guess you've already married the Timster huh? (love you Tim :-0) then again, I married Richie right? tee-hee....

my first pick would have been Kypton and he at least made it into the finals! My 2nd pick was Jake too though :-)