Thursday, August 06, 2009

already august

Summer is just zipping by... as usual. August is here and all of the kids activities and busy schedules are over. Hopefully we will get some nice weather soon so we can just sit back and enjoy summer. This weekend we will again head to WeFest. Iwill only get in one night there though(Tim ... alone... at WeFest? Is that a good idea???) I fly to San Diego on Friday afternoon for a photography workshop. We are still trying to figure out what we are going to do for our family vacation the week before school starts too. Any suggestions?

Last weekend we went to the new Trollwood Perfoming Arts School to watch The WIZ... Katelyn performed with Totally Trollwood before the play. We all thought it was Fantastic... especially the costumes!

And... we got in a quick visit with cousins Jillian and Elliott at a family get-together at Grandpa Dan's. (Delaney stayed home to play in the championship game of her soccer tournament!)
Don't you think Katelyn and Elliott look a lot alike? He really liked hanging out with Katelyn ... and wanted her to help him with everything. Sure wish they lived closer... like in Moorhead (hint,hint!)

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G'ma S said...

I've done my share....given every sales pitch possible to get them here!! He still just looks at me and says "Mom, it's not gonna happen".... but maybe for his sister??? and his kid's cousins???