Thursday, January 28, 2010


Grandma Sandi gave Katelyn a whole bunch of "baking goodies" for Christmas, and she has been busy baking up a storm lately. She is in a "foods" class at school this semester (quarter, trimester... I forget) so has lots of recipes she's been trying out. Last night I came home to her baking 4 dozen cookies for a "potluck" in history class. (Thanks Bonnie... she used every last drop of butter and I had to go to the store just so I could make supper!) Glad she likes to bake since I really really hate it. And in case you were wondering how little Mya is doing... she is great! I think she is adjusting to life at our busy house quite nicely. She is eating well, getting bigger, doing pretty good at potty training and having a ball playing with her big sister Emme.
Emme seems to be tolerating her okay... but gets a little annoyed when Mya bites on her tail or hangs from her ears. She has been sharing her favorite napping spot with her though, so she must not think Mya is too bad!


TBRKO said...

Ha! The potluck was a hit. Who doesn't love an excuse to eat??!?!?!?!
It's nothing I wouldn't say to her face, but you two raised a little darling. It's been a privilege to watch her blossom this year.
PS: They are quarters.

Kris said...

Hey, my teachers never had potlucks! God that little mya is ADORABLE!