Saturday, January 30, 2010

first speech tournament

After the play was over this fall, Katelyn's new group of friends talked her into trying out for speech and she made it! She was put into the "humorous" category and had her very first tournament down in Marshall MN this weekend. She is on the bus on her way home right now so I'm not sure how she did, but I think she was pretty nervous before they left yesterday. She tried on her new "speech suit" on Thursday night just to make sure everything fit. Cooper asked her why she was dressed up like Sarah Palin.And because I just can't help it, a couple more pictures of Mya.


G'ma S said...

For some reason, I have this vision....Saturday Night Live?...Tina Fey? Kristin Wiig? Great taste in suits Kate! Love the peplum flare to the bottom of the jacket :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi from Az! Be sure and let us know how Katelyn did in her first Speech Tournament.....The catogory of humor sounds like it will be a good one for Kate! Love her look and LOL about Cooper's comment!